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Md. Naim Hasan Student
Jul 07, 2022
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Such organic certification standards may not have been discussed in detail when they were proposed, ignoring the interests of farmers, and only in line with international trends, market mechanisms, and even the so-called perfection of regulations by the government. Is Organic Farming a Rich Man? "Although the government vigorously promotes organic agriculture, the market is so big. The rich and landed can usually win by quantity and open up the channels. For example, Quanlian, Carrefour, etc. can see the figure of group-type organic farms, which are relatively small. of organic farms can only cooperate with other small farms and sell them old picture restoration to nearby schools or government agencies, etc., and it is difficult to expand from the perspective of revenue.” (Head of an organic farm in New Taipei City, 2022.05.26) The author visited an organic farm in New Taipei City. The planting mainly consists of vegetables, such as Japanese sweet potato leaves, water spinach, etc., with an area of ​​about 0.6 hectares. It is the assistance of renting relatives’ farmland and renovating the farm in Taoyuan. Successfully established organic farms under the certification. 1 2 » Read the full text Don't want to paginate? Try our new service you may also like Seizing Homes - Why do leaders suddenly change their temperament and implement tyranny? Why do college students want to learn Vietnamese? "We all eat Vietnamese food, but rarely get to know the country." 'Take a Fun Drama Lesson': Why Tennessee Williams' 'A Streetcar of Desire' Drives Audiences Crazy? Liu Yanfang's "The Way of Philosophical Food": Why Eat Meat? "Everyone sleeps and I wake up alone." Why is it that the more tired you are at work, the more you can't sleep? [Adult Learning]

Md. Naim Hasan Student

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