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100 Constitution St, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6AW 

0131 261 6336

Post Electric Studio is a recording studio in Edinburgh operated by producers Rod Jones (Idlewild) and Kris Pohl. It also acts as a creative home to the band Idlewild. The purpose build studio is situated in Leith, in the centre of a lively and creative neighbourhood with a variety of coffee shops, restaurants, and bars on the doorstep. It features a great selection of vintage outboard gear, centered around a modern SSL Duality desk which is set up to either track to a 24-track Studer tape machine or a Pro Tools rig, offering the best of both worlds.


120A W Granton Rd, Edinburgh EH5 1PF

0131 551 6632

Chamber Studio is a professional recording facility based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Between our engineers / producers, there are decades of experience making records across all genres and we’re always keen to get involved in creating something new.
Whether you choose work in the analogue or digital realm or take advantage of the best of both, we’ve got everything you need to make a great record from start to finish. The live rooms are spacious and comfortable, the control rooms are acoustically controlled with wonderful monitoring and our equipment is of the highest quality and always well maintained. The perfect space to make music.


2/3 Greenside End, Edinburgh EH1 3AZ

07724 926344

Black Cave Recordings is an Edinburgh-based company that offers location and studio recording for bands, mixing & mastering services and music production lessons.
Black Cave Recordings offers studio quality recording services for your project wherever you’d wish to record in and around Edinburgh and Scotland. If you have a regular practice space for you or your band, have a specific location in mind where you’d like any sound to be recorded, or want to record in the comfort of your own home, our mobile unit can be taken to almost all places.


Bailie Fyfe's Close, 107 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1SG

0131 556 4882

Since founding Offbeat Recording Studios & Music Production in 1992, we've specialised in recording and producing singers, songwriters and solo artists who've needed varying degrees of  help in putting their songs and music together.


26 Tennant St, Edinburgh EH6 5ND

07789 655287

 Wall Of Sound Recording Studio is run by sound engineer & musician Stu Gordon. Located in the heart of Leith it is just a short walk from Edinburgh city centre.

Specialising in heavy music, Wall Of Sound aims to make your recordings as abrasive & hard hitting as possible. Punchy drums, gritty guitars & soaring vocals will take your record to the next level. 


125 Great Jct St, Edinburgh EH6 5JB

07397 902304

The Noisefloor is a unique DIY take on the traditional music studio in Edinburgh, providing a shared, creative space for anyone who works with sound. We offer industry standard equipment and software in a soundproofed and treated control and recording room. You can also bring your own gear and store it at the studio for next time. When the limitations of a rehearsal room won’t cut it, an artist studio space is too noisy and an Edinburgh recording studio is prohibitively expensive, The Noisefloor fits the bill.


107 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1SW

0131 556 4882

On the Royal Mile, in the  heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, and just a few minutes from Waverley Railway station, Royal Mile Recording Experiences is the ultimate location for a recording studio experience.

A great introduction to the world of recording is guaranteed for that specially talented person in your life, who will get the chance to come and record in the creative atmosphere of our extremely well equipped and comfortable professional recording studio…

…or of course, you can just as easily book yourself in for an experience.


The Smithies, 43-47 Eyre Pl, Edinburgh EH3 5EY

0131 557 2088

Banana Row Studios offers professional recording and production that rivals any other studio in the country. We have a spacious performance area, the latest hardware and software for editing and mixing and our in-house engineer comes with a wealth of experience.


20 W Harbour Rd, Edinburgh EH5 1PN

07745 953710

MARK MORROW is a recording engineer and music producer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. With over ten years professional experience, Mark has recorded and produced thousands of songs for bands all over the UK (and Europe). Although primarily focussing on rock and pop music production, Mark has also been involved in a number of TV advertisements (Channel 4 and STV) writing and producing music.


 3 E Mains Holdings, Ingliston, Edinburgh EH28 8NQ

0131 235 2364

Hamish Campbell (AKA Morphamish) is a versatile, dedicated, imaginative producer.
He has honed his craft since starting Sound Sound in 2002.
Bringing out the best in everyone is what it’s all about.
Acoustic, electric and electronic music all have their delights.
Hamish makes vivid, compelling mixes and masters that suit the unique needs of their music.


9/8 Murieston Rd, Dalry, Edinburgh EH11 2JJ

We can record your vocals, guitars, bass, keys or any other instrument in a high-spec, acoustically treated studio.
We can compose beats, tweak arrangements, design synths, play instruments & re-amp guitars to breathe new life into your ideas.
Send us your pre-recorded tracks and we'll turn them into a professional & exciting mix that sounds great on any speakers.

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