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We are all missing gigs, but they will be back soon and when they are we will review them all right here. But in the mean time until we can get back to live music please enjoy this review of Aaron King's debut single Señorita


5 Stars

Aaron King has described his music as "chill, honest, real" and Señorita hits all those notes. The song was produced by Rod Jones (of Idlewild) and showcases Aaron's vocals in a hugely positive way. His deep voice complimenting the folk guitar and uplifting music perfectly. Señorita, despite being a folk song shows expert musicianship from King with the guitar flowing effortlessly through the song and sinking up well with the drums and percussive elements of the song. Señorita is a definitely a "chill" song and is perfect for a nice relaxed moment of peace. For a debut single King has certainly started strong and will hopefully grow from strength to strength in the future.

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